I find myself looking upwards in life. I like to feel that there is always something happening and changing. Constantly moving, never stagnant.


I’m a military wife. I’ve been through a deployment, living in different states with little notice, having no stability, losing friends, and not knowing what happens next. Rolling with the punches is an understatement.

I started this blog because it made sense to me. I needed a place where I could put the words that were in my heart. I craved a place where I could put the pictures I took. I needed a home for the thoughts in my mind.

I know that this isn’t the first blog that tackles a 365 photo project. I know that this isn’t even the first 365 clouds project. I promise to be different and authentic within the overdone genre of “daily” photos. I will give you genuine words and photos taken by me. The only modifications will be embellishments that are made with different applications.

Disclaimer: All photos, prose and poetry used on this blog are the property of the blog owner. Please do not use any words or images unless permission has been granted. Give credit where credit is due, please.


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